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The Patients Out of Time National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics brings together the world’s top medical, scientific, and legal experts on cannabis to present their research and share their knowledge. For the first time, the full set of videos from one of our national clinical conferences is being made available to the public! You can now watch the entire Eleventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held May 2017 in Berkeley, CA. Details at our Video On Demand page.

Here’s a selection of presentations and panel discussions from some of our conferences.

Cannabis: Banned Drug or Medical Treatment for Sports Injuries? From the 2017 Patients Out of Time Conference in Berkeley, CA. Featuring Sue Sisley, MD, Eben Britton, and Nate Jackson.

Fallout From Cannabis Prohibition – from the 2016 Patients Out of Time Conference in Baltimore, MD. Featuring Neill Franklin from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Jeff and Chris Mizanskey, Dolores Halbin, and Paul Bregman. Heart rending tales of the legal abuse of victims in the war on marijuana.

Why Are We Poisoning Our Veterans? PTSD, TBI and Suicide – from the 2015 Patients Out of Time Conference in West Palm Beach, FL
Presenter Bryan Krumm, CPN,MSN,APRN-BC, with Veterans Perry Parks, Bob Jordan, and Jacques Stiegelman

Alan Silber, Michael Cutler & Connie Elkins McKelvey present legal issues regarding Healthcare Providers and Patients access to Herbal Cannabis. (Portland, OR, 2014)

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