Families & Caregivers

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Family members are also caught up in the medicinal cannabis issue when they see that this is good medicine for their loved one. Parents, spouses, siblings and even the sons and daughters see that cannabis helps relieve the suffering of their loved ones and can’t understand why this isn’t readily available. Some family members find themselves in back alleys or parking lots trying to buy this medicine on the black market.

Many dispensaries or “compassion clubs” in states that have passed medical marijuana laws provide education on the safe use of the cannabis plant and offer other services for the patients as well. The key is to know which clubs are concerned about quality and service more than simply profit.

Videos from our Clinical Conferences on Cannabis Therapeutics

img 1 mamas04a

Mothers Know Best about Medical Cannabis, Part 1

Director of Patients Out of Time and mother of a Cancer Patient, Mae Nutt describes her education about medical marijuana to 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference. Then Ann McCormick, mother of Childhood Cancer Survivor, Todd McCormick tells their story.

img 2 mamas04b

Mothers Know Best about Medical Cannabis, Part 2

Debbie Jeffries, mother of ADHD patient, and her mother LaRayne Jeffries co-wrote “Jeffrey’s Journey”, how medical marijuana capsules moderated oppositional defiant behavior. Then Patricia R. Skidmore, RN, MSN, HNC and mother of an AIDS patient tells her story.

img 3 miller04Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Cannabis, with Jim Miller

Husband of MS patient Cheryl Miller, Jim tells their story of love, suffering and activism, from first learning of marijuana’s efficacy to pressuring members of Congress. After Cheryl’s passing, Jim and other MS patients formed the Multiple Sclerosis Patients Union.

img 4 corral04Cannabis Use in Hospice, with Valerie Corral

Co-founder of WAMM (Wo/men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana) in Santa Cruz, CA, Valerie Corral tells of the amazing help that Cannabis brings to the terminally ill, with spiritual benefits from a mindful approach to life and death in hospice.

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