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Press Release 22-03-10

Dr. Andrew Weil and the Folks Who Do Not Exist

article 1 img 1 dr_andrew_weil_time_mag_sml_6d05046d5cf59fb14cf817215c3d2e9eDr.Weil is the leading integrative medicine physician in the US. In that role he has used his experience and study to create, for physicians, a course of instruction at the University of Arizona.

One of the herbal medicines studied is cannabis. Cannabis is the plant that representatives of the US government (drug czar, DEA, FDA and others charged with knowing such stuff), say has too little research to be used safely by humans.
If anyone wants to study cannabis one of the major sources of cannabis research and clinical use on humans is the extensive library created by Patients Out of Time and publically displayed at

The researchers and health care professionals who have produced and published this world wide science, including the science itself, do not exist. The federal government repeats that continually and the media apes their propaganda. The DEA and HHS have been studying 50,000 pages of research since October 2002. What they study is at

Just a few days ago Andrea Barthwell, a spokesperson for US “marijuana” policy said on Fox News that the data, and therefore the people who have worked for decades to study and publish cannabis science, simply do not exist.

There are two reasons she and the others so situated expose their total lack of knowledge about which they speak. Ignorance or hubris. They either know the science exists and just do not say so or they are placed in public to lie.

article 1 img 2 ctc120The Sixth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics will be held on April 15-17, 2010 in Warwick, RI. It is accredited by the AMA and ANA. Hundreds of health care professionals will attend and Dr. Weil will speak to them about his work as will other physicians and researchers from Canada, the US, Israel, Jamaica and Brazil.

You would think all those folks who work in the war on people who use drugs could have found out Patients Out of Time exists. At $17 billion a year the US government is certainly able to find out what we know; that the AMA and ANA know the data exists; that there have been five previous conferences presenting such knowledge.
Missing is credibility, honesty and academic professionalism at the federal level.
That behavior is what should not exist.

Al Byrne, Co-founder, Patients Out of Time
VMMA Press Release 16-04-10

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access

Veterans Health Administration Tolerates Veterans Use of Medicinal Cannabis as Adjunct Therapy to VA Hospital Supplied Opioids.

article 2 img 1 drugscience_sm_f0e96e9e7a85821d4ac1cfac4297157aIn a July 6, 2010 letter addressed to the Executive Director of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMMA), Robert A. Petzel, MD, Under Secretary for Health of the Department of Veterans Affairs wrote, “If a Veteran obtains and uses medical marijuana in a manner consistent with state law, testing positive for marijuana would not preclude the Veteran from receiving opioids for pain management in a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility.”

According to Michael Krawitz, recipient of the letter and himself a disabled US Air Force Veteran, “The work we did on this issue was for all Vets of all time periods. My personal injuries led me to find medical cannabis to help control my chronic pain. My fellow Vets, thousands of them have found the same medicine to relieve their suffering and will appreciate this strong support and Dr. Petzel’s attention.”

The VHA letter went on to clarify that, ”The provider will take the use of medical marijuana into account in all prescribing decisions, just as the provider would for any other medication.”

Pain contracts now in place in the VHA will need to be rewritten. “Standard pain management agreements should draw a clear distinction between the use of illegal drugs, and legal medical marijuana.”

Modern research shows Cannabis to be an important adjunct medicine that both compliments and reduces opioid therapy and is discussed in video lectures at, the web site of Patients Out of Time.

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