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Patients Out of Time
1472 Fish Pond Road / Howardsville, VA 24562

Patient Contact
Mary Lynn Mathre
(434) 260-3779

Press and journalist contact:
Laramie Silber
ph (434) 260-3779 fax (434) 260-3789

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  1. Jim


    I’m hoping you can make a suggestion for me. I’ve used medical cannabis in the past but didn’t like the head high and I’m trying to find what would be best for my condition. I have a break at L4-L5 and another at L5-S1, nerve damage in back and right leg and my left hip is bone on bone.

    As I mentioned I’ve used cannabis before, and it did help with the pain, but I’m trying to find one that won’t give me a head high. I’ve heard mention about juicing it but not sure which breed to use.

    Thank you for your help.


  2. John Q. Customer

    Hello, My name is John. I met carl olsen in council bluffs, iowa a few years ago when I went down to testify at the iowa board of pharmacy hearings conducted to decide an issue carl brought up against them reguarding cannabis in the iowa courts of law. My testimony was about how I had quit many, many years earlier as I was a single parent raising 3 children alone. Then I was diagnosed with Meniers which put my life in a constant state of fear, dizziness, vertigo and nausea. Some years earlierI was talking to an old friend from high school who as surviving cancer and chemo. When he heard how hard the nausea and vomiting was for me he offered help in a form I would have NEVER imagined possible from my pot smoking days as a young adult. I laughed at him. He said everyone, everyone at the chemo center quietly used it and passed it amongst themselves at the center. I decided to give it a try as my specialist in Omaha felt deeply for my plight, but could offer nothing beyond sea sick pills for me. Not only did it stop the nausea within a few moments, it stopped the procession of the vertigo attack dead in its tracks! I was simply amazed! I cannot count the number of times my children had to step over me lying on the kitchen floor screaming and puking madly, while they were getting ready for school. (The kitchen was the coolest place in the house and when these attacks came I would sweat profusely and feel overwhelmed by heat.)
    Now, for my newest and most profound problem. Please understand I am not asking for medical advice, just information to pass on to a new Doctor. Last week I suffered a major heart attack. They seem to run in my family. I had just been cleared by the local heart clinic Doctor 2 months ago after hours of tests. He told me to go home and enjoy my life as looking at my “numbers” I was not a candidate for heart disease or heart attacks. I had been complaining to my regular Doctor for over a year about odd chest pains. I have never hid the fact to my regular Doctor about my cannabis use because of my chronic Meneirs. When my new heart Doctor found out while I was still recovering in the cath lab he went through the roof. My question is this, Is he right? Will using cannabis for my Meneirs cause artery constriction in my heart and more heart disease? Until the heart attack I thought suffering from Meneirs was the worst plague possible for any human being to suffer. My anxiety over this is great and I have spent hours looking over the internet for anything to do with cannabis and hearts and find nothing. Can you help by pointing me in the right direction? Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  3. Joann Brown

    my daughter has cushings syndrome, famial, with pineal tumer and on super adrenal gland. i want to try this. may i purchase, rather than make?

  4. Gregg Temner

    I’m looking to help the “cause” in any way possible. I have contacted several advocacy groups, but I’ve received little in the way of feedback.

    I have a complicated set of medical problems: In 1998, I was discovered to have a dangerous and rare GI disease known as FAP, and subsequently my colon was re-sectioned; then in 2005, underwent chemo for two years for a GI desmoid tumor; and I am currently recovering from radical tongue surgery I had in March of 2011, which was immediately followed by seven weeks of concurrent radiation and chemo.
    My entire paradigm, every facet of how I operate with the world, has been utterly disrupted. On average I take about 20 pills a day, all prescribed by one of my many doctors. I have had access to pretty much every painkiller and anti-nausea drug, but the one drug that I’ve found to be the safest and most-effective for a number of my ailments is marijuana.

    I feel driven to actively advocate for my strong civic beliefs. Though my poor health often chains me to my home, I’m hoping that sharing my story, lobbying local politicians, etc. can be of some help.
    The best way to contact me at this email address. I’m fairly well informed and motivated to help in any way I can. It would probably be best for us to eventually meet in person. My tongue surgery has left me with a significant speech impediment. I’ve found that people tend to quickly adapt to my speech and subsequently have little problem understanding me.

    Gregg Temner

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