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Mary Lynn Mathre, President, Board Of Directors
Founding Director, RN, MSN, CARN

Mary Lynn (ML) Mathre is the President and Co-founder of Patients Out of Time and the President and Founding member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). Mary Lynn graduated from the College of St. Teresa In Winona, MN in 1975 and began her nursing career in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. She earned her MS degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1985 and her thesis was on Marijuana Disclosure to Health Care Professionals. Originally a medical–surgical nurse, Ms. Mathre changed specialties in 1987 and has been a certified addictions registered nurse (CARN) since 1989. She began as the charge nurse on the Addiction Treatment Unit at the University of Virginia Health System, and later as the first Clinician 5 (expert level), she was the Addictions Consult Nurse for UVA Health System until 2002. She later was Exec. Dir. of an opioid dependence treatment center in Charlottesville.

She is the editor of Cannabis in Medical Practice: A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological Overview of the Therapeutic Use of Marijuana (1997) and co-editor of Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science and Sociology (2002). Ms. Mathre served on the planning committee for Patients Out of Time’s national clinical cannabis conference series that began in 2000; has authored numerous papers and chapters on medical cannabis; authored several organizational resolutions supporting medical cannabis; is a co-host on two weekly radio programs on medical cannabis; testified before numerous state legislative committees; and has spoken on the topic of medical cannabis at numerous local, regional, national and international conferences.

Michael Aldrich, Secretary, Board Of Directors
PhD., Educator, Historian

Michael Aldrich is a cannabis historian and the Secretary at Patients Out of Time. Aldrich is the author of the first Ph.D. dissertation on cannabis in the U.S., “Marijuana Myths & Folklore,” SUNY-Buffalo, 1970.

Aldrich founded the first college chapter of LEMAR at SUNY-Buffalo in 1967 and was co-founder of Amorphia from 1969-73, which sponsored the first California Marijuana Initiative in 1972. He was curator of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Library from 1974-2002 and trained AIDS outreach workers from 1989-2001.

He was Executive Director of CHAMP 2001-2002 and co-founder of SPARC dispensary from 2010- present.

Barbara Douglass, Board Of Directors
Founding Director, IND Patient, Multiple Sclerosis

Barbara Douglass is a Founding Director, and an IND Patient between 1991 to 2013 to help treat Multiple Sclerosis. Douglass is out of the IND program simply because her primary care physician moved out of the area. Barbara Douglass is a spokesperson for Patients Out of Time and currently resides in Lakeside, Iowa.

Elvy Musikka, Board Of Directors
IND Patient, Glaucoma

Elvy Musikka is a strong advocate for medical cannabis and spokesperson for Patients Out of Time. Musikka is the longest living female IND Patient receiving 11 ounces of cannabis every month from the federal government

Irvin Rosenfeld, Board Of Directors
IND Patient, Chronic Pain

Irvin Rosenfeld is a board member of Patients Out of Time. He’s the second patient of the Compassionate IND program. Rosenfeld receives about 11 ounces of medical cannabis every 3 weeks to help manage pain and inflammation from multiple congenital cartilaginous exostoses.

Rosenfeld is a spokesperson for Patients Out of Time and the author of “My Medicine, How I Convinced the U.S. Government To Provide My Marijuana and Helped Launch a National Movement”.

Denis Petro M.D., Board Of Directors
Founding Director, Practicing Neurologist & Drug Researcher

Denis Petro, MD is a Founding Director of Patients Out of Time. Dr. Petro is a neurologist and has researched cannabis use for Multiple Sclerosis patients and has served as an expert witness for many cases concerning medical cannabis. Dr. Petro serves as a medical spokesperson and researcher for Patients Out of Time.

Dr. Petro is a board-certified neurologist with over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical research and development and medical practice. He began his post-residency career at the FDA and conducted the FDA Advisory meeting which defined the use of aspirin as primary prevention of stroke and advised Congress in writing the Orphan Drug Act of 1983. He conducted the first study of a cannabinoid (THC) in treatment of muscle spasms in spasticity, While working with the pharmaceutical industry, he developed a number of drugs for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, depression, cognitive impairment and seizure disorders. He testified in support of medicinal cannabis at the DEA Rescheduling Hearing in 1986 and consulted with the Institute of Medicine in preparation of the IOM report on Medical Marijuana in 1997. He has been recognized as an expert in neurology and pharmacology by both the state and federal court systems of the USA, as well as in Canada and the United Kingdom.

George McMahon, Board Of Directors
Founding Director, IND Patient, Nail Patella Syndrome

George McMahon is a founding member of Patients Out of Time. McMahon has a rare congenital disorder called nail-patella syndrome for which he received approximately 9 ounces of cannabis every month from the Federal IND Patients program. McMahon is from Iowa and has recently relocated his family to Colorado in order to find a new doctor.


Al Byrne, Board Member Emeritus
Founding Director and CEO from 1995-2014

In Memoriam

Joe Barker, HIV Patient
Founding Director

Corinne Millet, IND Patient, Glaucoma
Founding Director

Mae Nutt, “Grandma Marijuana”
Founding Director

IND = Investigational New Drug (FDA program)

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