2008 — Pacific Grove, CA

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The Fifth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
“Re-Entering Mainstream Medicine”

April 3- 5, 2008 – Pacific Grove, CA
The Fifth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held in Pacific Grove, California, was co-sponsored and accredited by the University of California, San Francisco’s School of Medicine. Supporting organizations included the California Nurses Association, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (MAMA), and the Compassion Club of Santa Barbara. The conference faculty included researchers from the U.S., Canada, Israel and The Netherlands. Our theme served to remind attendees that cannabis was a mainstream medicine prior to its wrongful prohibition based on reefer madness and to announce its re-introduction to mainstream medicine based on the booming research in the cannabinoid field today.

Conference Agenda and Faculty

Friday, April 4th

8:00 – Welcoming Remarks: Donald Abrams, MD – University of California San Fransisco School of Medicine

8:20 – Welcoming Remarks: Deborah Burger, RN – President, California Nurses Association, Sacremento, CA

8:30 – Conceptual Quagmires and Epistemic Privilege: Joe White – Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA

9:00 – Cannabis from a Physician’s Perspective: Steve Hosea, MD – Infectious Disease Specialist, Hospitalist, Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA

9:20 – Does Regular Marijuana Smoking Lead to Pulmonary or Pulmonary-related Disease?: Donald Tashkin, MD – Medical Director of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Professor of Medicine, UCLA

10:15 – Cannabis Yields and Dosage: Chris Conrad – Author, Cannabis Yields and Dosage, ElCerrito, CA

10:35 – Cannabis – When Not Recommended: M. L. Mathre, RN, MSN – President & Co-Founder, Patients Out of Time

10:55- Patient’s Experience with Cannabis: Angel Raich – Cannabis Patient, Oakland, CA and Michael Krawitz – Veterans Administration Pain Patient, Disabled US Air Force veteran, Ferrum, VA

11:25 – Cannabis Use and Pregnancy: Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD, FAAN -Dean, School of Nursing, Rush University , Chicago

11:45 – Cannabis hemp Seeds for Nutrition: G. Larsen -Scientific Advisor, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Berkeley, CA

1:30 – Clinical and Laboratory Medicinal Cannabis Results from Israel: Natalya Kogan, PhD -Cannabinoid Researcher, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

2:00 – Effects of Smoked Cannabis on Chronic Neuropathic Pain: Mark Ware, MD, MSc, MRCP -Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Anesthesia, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

3:00 – Cannabinoids and Movement Disorders: Juan Sanchez-Ramos, PhD, MD – Director of Movement Disorders, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

3:45 – Federal patients and Cannabis: Irv Rosenfeld – Lauderhill, FL and Elvy Musikka – Eugene,OR

6:30 – Benefit Dinner: Mae Nutt Tribute and Auction, Music

Saturday, April 5th

8:00 – Opening Remarks: Al Byrne – Co-Founder & Secretary-Treasurer, Patients Out of Time

8:20 – Cannabis in Pain and Palliative Care: Donald Abrams, MD – Chief, Hematology-Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital, Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF, School of Medicine

9:10 – Nursing, Ethics and Cannabis: Laurie Badzek, RN, MS, JD, LLM – Director, American Nurses Association Center for Ethics and Human Rights; Professor, West Virgina School of Nursing, Morgantown, WV

9:30 – Medical Cannabis – The Challenge of Educating Mainstream Medical Professionals: David Ostrow, MD, PhD – Founder and Director, The Medical Marijuana Policy Advocacy Project, Chicago, IL

10:15 – Cannabis Tea in The Netherlands: Arno Hazecamp, PhD -Researcher Gorlaeus laboratories, The Netherlands

10:35 – Compassion Clubs in California: Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW -Lecturer/Post Doctorate Fellow, University of California, Berkeley

11:00 – Putting Compassion in Compassion Clubs: Philippe Lucas – Founder & Director, Vancouver Island Compassion Society, Victoria, BC, Canada; Patrick Fourmy – Executive Director, Compassion Center of Santa Barbara; Sandee Burbank – Founder, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (MAMA), Mosier, OR

11:40 – DEA / NIDA and the Obstruction of Privately Funded Research: Rick Doblin, PhD -Founder & Director, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Sarasota, FL

1:30 – Cannabis: Re-Entering Mainstream Journalism: Fred Gardner – Editor, O’Shaughessy’s, Alameda, CA; Paul Armentano – Deputy Director, NORML/NORML Foundation, Washington, DC; A. Harrison – Journalist

2:30 – Medical Cannabis and the Public Policy Process: Jon Gettman, PhD -Senior Fellow, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; Principal Petitioner of The Petition to Reschedule Cannabis

3:00 – Faculty Question and Answer: Moderator – M. L. Mathre, RN, MSN – Patients Out of Time

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