2002 – Portland, OR

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The Second National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
“Analgesia and Other Indications”

Portland, Oregon – May, 2002

img 1 legalpatients2002Co-sponsored by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Health Services; Oregon Nurses Association; Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse; and the Portland Community College Institute of Health Professionals. This conference featured the results of The Chronic Cannabis Use Study, otherwise know as “The Missoula Study” – the only evaluation of how over twenty years of federally supplied smoked marijuana affected four US legal patients. The theme, Analgesia and Other Indications, was chosen because chronic pain was the most frequently claimed indication for meicinal cannabis use.

Conference Agenda and Faculty

Friday, May 3

8:00 – Opening Remarks: Al Byrne – Lcdr., USN, (ret) – Co-founder, Patients Out of Time, Howardsville, VA; Sandee Burbank – Founder, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse, Mosier, OR

8:15 – Current Research Clarifying the Role of Cannabis in Pain Management: Ester Fride, PhD, MSc – College of Judea and Samaria in Israel

9:00 – Historical Review of Medical Cannabis: David Bearman, MD – Medical Services, Santa Barbara, CA

9:30 – Pain Relief with Cannabis for MS Patients: RichardMusty, PhD – University of Vermont, Middlebury

10:10 – Cannabinoids and Movement Disorders: Juan Sanchez-Ramos, MD – University of South Florida, Tampa

10:40 – Cannabis Use with AIDS Patients: Donald Abrams, MD – University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco

11:20 – OR and HI Clinical Case Studies: Stuart Rosenblum, MD – Director, Pain Clinic, Legacy Emmanuel Hospital, Portland; Hawaii -William Wenner, MD

12:00 – The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act: Three Years Experience: Grant Higginson, MD, MPH – Oregon State Health Officer, Portland

1:30 – Missoula Chronic Cannabis Use Study: Ethan Russo, MD – Editor, Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, Missoula, MT; Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, with Federal I.N.D. Patients George McMahon; Elvy Musikka; Irv Rosenfeld

3:00 – Cannabis Diseases and Pests: Robert Clarke, BS – Director, Pharmtex Consultants, San Diego, CA

4:00 – Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Seed and Oil: Mary Beth Augustine, RD; Don Wirtshafter, Esq. – Founder, Ohio Hempery, Guysville, OH

Saturday, May 4

8:00 – Opening Remarks: Al Byrne – Patients Out of Time

8:10 – State Cannabis Programs: Donald Topping, PhD, moderator – Governor’s Substance Abuse Task Force, Honolulu, HI; California: Michael Aldrich, PhD – Californians Helping Alleviate Medical Problems, San Francisco; Colorado: Gail Kelsey, BS – Administrator, Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Program; Hawaii: Pamela Lichty, MPH – University of Hawaii, Honolulu

10:30 – Medical Cannabis Providers: WAMM – Valerie Corral, Santa Cruz, CA,

Vancouver Compassionate Club, BC, Hillary Black; Eugene Compassionate Club, OR – Todd Dalatto

11:30 – Clinical Trials in Canada: Cannabis for Chronic Pain: Mark Ware, MD

1:30 – Matching Medicinal Cannabis Strains with Symptoms: Geoffrey Guy, MD

3:00 – Alternative Delivery Systems: M L Mathre, RN; Cannabinoid Patch: Audra Stinchcomb, PhD – University of Kentucky, Lexington; CT-3: Sumner Burstein, PhD – University of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA

4:00 – Q & A, All Presenters: ML Mathre, RN – moderator, Patients Out of Time

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